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Even with only one page ...
Do not want to play the lute or harp.
Puns Inintendiveis were not meant to understand.

In order to expand the general knowledge about racing and its nuances wanted to do a book, I want to reflect on the race, and this will be the engine that makes me write and think. The world today is full of people who only care about the current situations of everyday life, and therefore do not stop to think more deeply in matters that concern themselves.
The great mass of people has formed an opinion reflective, or even your opinions are copies of others, because we did not use their rational capacities correctly, for example, when someone watches television news simply by watching, and when something much comment on some reports, when in fact they should ask: Why? How? How could this situation be changed? Can it be changed? What is it? Among these many other questions can and should be made, the very questions arise some interesting conclusions, these conclusions and the matter is discussed much more deeply than it seems.
The banality of the most important to someone's life is the greatest enemy of rational capacity of human beings. This is what happens in the media in general, because people are bombarded with a wide variety of subjects, especially information. This alone does not cause a person to be able to reflect on everything you watch and see. We can pass it to real life: there is a strong need to reflect upon what we are doing, because unlike that we do things with a large mechanized, thus failing to be fully aware of what we do.
If you are running or not I do not know. Perhaps the importance of this book is not to induce people to start running, but to reflect. Reflecting on life and on the race. My name is Marques Pompeo Bonini and always lived in the city of Sao Paulo, a city considered a credible industrial, cultural and commercial. I am currently attending college physical education at the University UNISA (University of Santo Amaro), 2nd year. I love to write, in spite of not having technical knowledge about this noble art. I would like my readers to try to extract something useful from this book, because all the books as we know that not everything is good, because the same human being in its fullness is not enough to sublime perfection, therefore, if these writings someone feel good even with only one page, I feel accomplished.
I would also say that my plans are not limited only to write such a book. There are ideas to make up meetings of democratic sense, these meetings aimed at improving knowledge about the race and, respectively, of life in its various aspects, as it can not be inextricably linked. For these meetings were incorporated various subject areas such as Psychology, Philosophy, Race. I want to emphasize the importance of thoughtful people can be an engine for their own consciences. The matters discussed in this book would be entered as a source of study for runners and technical stakeholders.
The labor performed is therefore quite plausible, will contribute to the enrichment in sports, since this area is so fragile and weak knowledge. Sometimes, quite rightly, come to think that people involved in sport only concerned with the practical, and therefore strongly professionals in different fields called the physical education teacher of "dumb", or even if it has a low intellect and can not do anything but cry and get jumping. Does not undermine this concept, because I myself have seen many things wrong in this. It is logical that we should not generalize this idea, the right to change that, and ask: What do to change that? This book is then related to that case. Augmenting the sport in a healthy way for the body and especially as it should be: for the mind.
You can live without discussing the problems of the world, but we would lose a great deal to our achievement if so. We live always asking and wanting to learn new things. If I just learn something, so I want to doubt it, and through these compelling questions to reach conclusions that go beyond the limits of simple.
It is interesting to note that in all this I mean that there is a large portion of the population living without living, ie: not getting own insight about things. An opinion is something constructive that much help, and a criticism sometimes nothing more than an approximation of reality.
Moreover, there is another fact that we are very familiar with the practical things of life and there is no time in our schedules to reflect on an issue. We must work to survive and soon, so the "world of ideas" is not exist in our lives. Fact that unfortunately happens to most people regardless of status, sex, age or social status. Wanting to do an analysis a little deeper about the race is proposed that this book will be respectively divided into several subjects, each with its particular subject, I also make clear that the more detailed studies are our most will be the use of our journey. I do not want to write about insignificant things, some people know that the society we live in now most things are inherently passenger and petty, that only serve as pure entertainment passenger. Totally opposed to ideas, thoughts and knowledge that are delayed for humanity by great sages. We here quote these lines numerous books considered classics of humanity, but people in their constancy, they prefer to lose their time to events and actions mechanized, that nothing must be added to their critical faculties.
Nobly am willing to clarify and learn along with you readers, because knowledge is nothing but a piece of a great course to be traced, which always turns. My fight will be his, not necessarily my views are the same as those of others, but I am reluctant to discover the cause of causes along with you. No one is master to say that their knowledge serve to break new ground, and they will never be an ultimate truth, and are volatile as a sea of honey, but light as air, and a moment's notice may in a breeze to turn a perfect storm.
Some time ago I wrote a book about race and marathon entitled "Let's think and run" in this book discussed on the race in a very comprehensive, depicting aspects rather diverging. I took a copy to the professor of philosophy Ari, who read and gave me his opinion about the book said the book despite the original did not have a backbone, or ideas in spite of good were not fluent. I hope that with this I learn a little, making for a min more provocation to write another book, there are other provocations of course, with great honor during these notes will clarify to the readers.
I said I will be very serious stamp of these studies portray here, saying something about the fleeting and tiny things in life, do not want it to be considered by critics to be one moody author, but must give due weight to what's important in life , respectively that is all that adds value and the aura of finer feelings and human truths. Making fun of a nice way intelligence is different from pushing the boundaries of respect for others, for books and media blatant the world is full and does not need another one, by which I mean that this will not be broken in a book their own discrepancy, but that his ideas provoke the laughter of reason. You can travel through all the studies and not leave behind a pleasant surprise that the books are made. Because it is a matter that sometimes come to be dull, there's no space to rest mentally picturing, for example, stories alternately during the description.
Both me extend this introduction that I owe to your goodness to apologize to the more laborious excuses, therefore, move on to the next subject with vigor. Each extended introduction of a book is a real questioning, because as I writer I write, readers want to just get the introduction right through to the actual content and tactile. Let's not play with more then your curiosity, because as everyone knows "curiosity killed if Your Excellency would have a long playing lute not know where ...".


Thursday, November 1, 2001

My name is Marques Pompeo Bonini, and I'm 22, I wrote another book entitled "Let's think and run" in order to continue to speak about the race is this other book: "The race and its nuances." In this book, readers enjoy 10% to its own people will be splendidly pleased that humans never reach perfection, but crave, however, it is the simplicity that made the most beautiful and important of our lives.
As I said in the earlier book, the distance runner is a philosopher and at the same time because of the fact that training alone is often led him to think about things such as a football player will not think, that is : in more complex aspects of life. I do not want this book seems a self-help, or even a book you want to convince people to run, but a development of ideas that have a rational foundation.
First of all I want readers to be aware that when you start talking about a certain subject, in most cases end up talking about a completely different subject, this is a feature that can be positive on the one hand, but from another perspective is not good.
On the issue of physical movement or motor skills have many issues to lecture, even philosophical issues. These are interesting because they show us a side of the sport that many people know ... What side is this? How these issues will be addressed? Read and find yourself thinking about the subjects covered in this book.
Among the many capabilities of the human motion is one of them, and among the various types of moving the race is one of a kind, if I'm running I'm moving, so the offset is one of the race, so our theme is focused on the long-distance running, and the concept of long distance is part of the characteristics of these types of people.
For then we know that the runner is an athlete with special needs, and to see dear readers: the other day I was watching a basketball game in order to make a report to college basketball is one sport that I appreciate and that also has enough features interesting in spite of being different from the race. In a conversation with some colleagues at the local one called me retarded, because there had known through a third party that I run a training 10km swimming and 30 km running. Not one person I want to be rude or even arrogant, but in this case my answer was: - If you do not know these are called long workouts; This response was quite harsh, but not offensive in tone, but an explanatory tone.
There are people who do not like sports alone, but others do. Some like to test the limits, others do not enjoy it. We left here the concept that an object can be viewed from different angles. Continuing this thought we see that each sport can be seen in many ways.
I see that in basketball, and in general sports court or field to have the audience, are the most violent sports, a simple example is that the fans seemed mesmerized by violence, become inflamed saying harsh words and nothing noble the referees and the players the other team. Nothing right now that the main goal should be the fellowship between all those present.
Already in individual sports there is a mutual assistance among athletes and the fans, of course there are exceptions, but we are looking at the general.
Do not want to think, dear reader, that this is a simple book as are all others, this is a book of face and heart, which will address issues that may never on earth no other runner has been able to think, I do not to be pretentious when I say this too, the critics certainly will believe that these leaves or is it a blatant joke or understand that it is endowed with a work of pure genius and discernment. Well then you also believe that at least this book will give you more moments of pure philosophy, including 20% of questions intelligent and wise to 79% of questions loud and inhospitable, to say that no min 1%, because I tell them that this 1 % consists of answers, because the wisest philosopher is one who certainly knows how to do the right questions so that each one is within the possible, their capacity answers that are thought to be the right ones.
If you believe that this is a guide runners are much mistaken, this would be as it were a fantastic reflection on life and race as good to talk so that only the race as this is being influenced by life, and vice versa ?
Coexist and live in this book different types of languages, all while trying to promote and contradict the act of running, there is no reason to explain that good and evil in all they are inserted and, as it's own race. Conveniently here to find poems, vivid descriptions, fictional stories and finally the most beautiful and stratospheric reflections. Read what you have courage, delight, it is with great honor to receive this book that this reader, I think, read this introduction. They are pompous with greetings we received also curious that those who once put his hand on a book already wildly throw the last pages to see if there is something extraordinary and then lost for a marker ...
The race is a way of life
Another consciousness expands
This leads me to believe
That all makes walk
Harmony I like to see
These lines were significant, I want to say here that this book is a somewhat different, it shall be divided into several parts and these are respectively different, because otherwise there would be parts, but as a whole. Understood that the parties will be as follows:
A) Dissertations and philosophical thoughts.
B) Overview
C) several poems
D) Important Phrases
E) Pictures allusive
F) Drawings emphatic
So as the reader will be able to walk so many paths that could be bumped up to ecstatic with such ease of the author, otherwise there will certainly be a discrepancy between author and reader. What I want to explain these lines is that this book really will not be as boring as are the few books ever published on race, is a book much more interesting in that they are things that no one could ever imagine that one could find in a book about race. The philosophy is itself a subject of great escapes dissertation of Physical Education professionals, myself, I see that much in this respect. I draw these statements quite appropriate, as being in close contact with students and physical education teachers see that much in the area of philosophical and social knowledge. That's pretty bad, since many feel that the teachers know this area only to be screaming and jumping as retarded, countering this argument is often regarded as true as I present myself Pompeo and say that there is much to expound on the branch of philosophy, it relates to the sport.
We know and just saw that professionals in this area only concerned with practical aspects such as sports physiology and performance, in addition to the merchandising aspect of who are the best procedures to retain a student in the classroom, transforming the classroom into a real marketing, forgetting or ignoring the real sporting values of true joy and overcoming the truth, and especially the values that do not even discovered, and that objective studies are entered into this work.
So much so that I'm telling you that we see an area of major development in the Brazilian sports psychology is smart, an area that is on the rise because it is poorly studied.
The work that we intend to do here is of a very serious, in spite of having moments of pure relaxation of mind. Because for all learning should be productive breaks and strong and weak moments, interspersed with each other. Moments serioso and other short comedy.
I think need to clarify the kind of player that every part of this work are my true authorship, are not on any kind of copies, transcripts or quotes that are not made by min. Since this is a feature of the book, as well as involving the subject in an original. I try not to be influenced by ideas received from other sources because the sources of thoughts most amazing and wonderful, worthy of transcription believe are our own thoughts. Having said that's taken a weight of my conscience, which said it politely or not, in an authoritarian or even morbid I would very clear message in this book, and if any readers have questions of what is said in this paragraph there will be major disagreements between reader and writer.
We will now briefly explain the significance of each part that is this book:

A = For the essays and philosophical thoughts.
Let's say that the bulk of this book consists just of dissertations and philosophical thought, contrary to the very sameness of other books on race, which only speak about the practical art of running. Bringing a real achievement in this work we propose a deepening quite different, so that will be of interest to people little more educated. For this I am talking about is just a challenge to you readers. I make no distinction between people, as I am aware that there is big difference between intelligence and wisdom, may have expressed myself wrong when I put the term "little more educated" to understand the book the way I, as author, I want to forward it should be read up all with wisdom, it is quite plausible in a few moments to stop and reflect on some issues. For the leave is the one who understands and interprets the knowledge, using it correctly (as it were wise).
Of course these thoughts and dissertations are from the descriptions, and their own spreads, ie ideas that create new ideas. The important thing is to realize how important are these thoughts, not because these are all just abstract ideas, which are only restricted to the theory, but thought-reaching, helping those who read in a context quite comprehensive.
B = For the descriptions.
With the strongest will tell you that the descriptions are not necessarily only as alluding to the race, as well as the swimming, coming up in few disclaimers however virtuous course something about cycling, it is fair enough this kind of clarification, since the primary purpose of descriptions is to add knowledge about psychological reasons and philosophical dimensions of human movement, therefore, the fact that the sport is to be covered swimming does not change the essence of our expansive comments, the reader dissatisfied with this, surely must be saying to yourself such as the book so the title should be, willing to change it to maybe "The nuances of running, cycling and swimming" or else in a larger redundant: "The nuances of the triathlon." but I thought it unnecessary as the author make this change, perhaps for a reason greater than is the author's own understanding, I think so, my own responsibility to name the book with this sort of title. Ask understanding also humbly readers dissatisfied in this respect, as the title just because this is what it is. Readers indifferent to the title is the work itself.
The descriptions are very important part of the book, since it is through them that we will have material for consideration and study, are projected throughout the book, specifically within the various chapters (as opposed to short stories). Clearly, these grooves will draw very helpful, are actually real situations in which I experienced and the most different types of training over five or six years since I began to devote so little more serious in the race. Clarify here again for clarity that the descriptions are differentiated by the type of letter, when in Italy.
C = For the poems.
The poems have the ability to expand thoughts, ideas or feelings that can hardly be explained by words such as are built up its conventional poems are phalanxes of feelings embedded in the soul, which are more rational explanations and wander, cold and intellective. I'm not sure by any poet trained in the most technical part of the construction of poems for that, unfortunately, there is no foundation of technical slant to the production of those who courageously decided to appoint poems. So I find myself obliged to express in advance that the player has full freedom to judge some poems and other little boring little exhaustive, but not meaningless, as many tried to get the gist of the subject talk about. The more interested leave a message that these are all transcribed feelings in words, so not only treated with diet but also with the heart. A whole chapter was devoted to poetry: 34 - Sprinkle of new ideas. And if by chance you have / want to read this chapter without order or rules at all: wills stemmed from feelings do not fit in order! But now notice in advance so you do not come with complaints: Despite the fact that in the book there are several co-expression features (short stories / poems / explanations) is a specific development of ideas from beginning to end of the book. Yes: an order, a progress of ideas, an expansion of thoughts. Tales of the beginning of the book are different in their essences of the stories end. So is it with the philosophical and even with the poems, so the cooler is to follow the order to understand how significant the overall context. Ok?
D = For the important phrases.
Subscribed to the main headings of the chapters there will be the so-called important phrases, and these are situated as to say something about the chapter, they are really important or not this leave to the reader, we are not imposing important, and amenable to change appointment and may be said to be "not so important phrases," or if sadly, "not important phrases," ultimately the call of "sentences without rational sieve", which I particularly like father if I see these totally unnecessary. What will not you readers to think that the last words have been distorted by an affection kinship, but through trial fitting. I was sincere motivation to want to put many of the phrases in the book that type of bold, including some persons in the stories, but leave this work as the sensitivity and perception of the reader, who can reflect on and concatenate them, they show quite compact some thoughts quite broad, comprehensive but in some cases obliging.

F = For the commemorative photos.
To facilitate the understanding of the content we have the visuals, both to illustrate ideas and thoughts, I hope this part do not frustrate the reader by a possible shortage of images in the timeframe I needed compassionate excuses if there is a certain lack of photos and more photos , which is always welcome, and say Jan Amos Comenius, the genius of illustrative educational resources for children. But remember that this is not a unique picture book but thought, it is considered for convenience that the images such as drawings have the responsibility of staff. There is also the percentage chance that the reader is a child (no demerit in it my friends, quite the opposite, because if so be one of the few interested in books without buttons, lights or noise.) Is certainly below 5%, is the fact that this percentage may increase if we consider that children may occasionally play play books to the top or mount castles or whatever else to imagine. The photos are therefore to help, and the most amazing feature of interpretation of reality when issued by abstract signs (words) are respectively the imagination!
G = For designs emphatic.
Getting a way to bring grace to the book are the drawings emphatic, depicting various situations. The drawings are expressions of human feelings, or even any interesting curiosity, it is easy to see that the drawings more than the literature approaches the art, but in our particular case it was decided to put together a little of both so you get more reader satisfied yet , even for this have to overcome the most unusual artistic skills possible, of course, are only auxiliary, which can bring hysterical laughter. (- Do not ask me who or where is the designer, please do not insist on this issue. Dared not even know how to draw this book ...)


Friends of the most varied origins, beliefs and dynasties: Welcome to the book that I present you with all possible pomp hands. It is such a variety of ideas that exist in the world with strong evidence that it is impossible to put them in a single copy. It is possible, and nice to think so, because otherwise we would be lost in a world of ideas or thoughts, dependent entirely on luck, because the ideas are the basis for a consolidated performance and useful. There is the slightest chance of taking advantage of a book that has content in bad ideas, as opposed find useful in having our laborious time to read a copy of deep knowledge. However what is in a real good knowledge? Is the mathematical knowledge rather than philosophical? We can not compare different ways of knowledge, but within each area the degree of depth that can be achieved. I hope that this compact textbook the reader can find the right level of thinking you are looking for, something of little value that is embedded in these pages, so that might add something useful.
Reading is certainly one activity among many others, read about the life is to live, as this reading is extracted from life experiences, something that has already been experienced, which may well be described and discussed. Who lives and not just search for some way to discuss what is experienced very lost in values and concepts of what is done. The race is an activity in which are inserted a myriad ways that sought to address quite different. I present to you the book running more unusual that they have knowledge.
Come percrustar the unprecedented paths of knowledge! Trails and paths obscure virgins art to reason, to silence the word, from concrete to abstract, the race to metaphysics, from dull lethargy to enlightenment materialism mitochondrial on the banks of the transcendent mysticism. Perhaps this is the toughest race we can do ... the path of reality.
Daydreams spirit, the essence of things, philosophy, eternal wandering in the illusion of life, continued to dream and waking, self-contradiction, unending dilemma of thinking, nonsense, antagonism and madness. Life!

Sed welcome Metaphysics
Race to the origins of the essence
Critical point, root
The core issues
Top paths
What led to them being
Foundations life
Destruction of the infamous dream
The beautiful illusions
Hallucinated realities
Flying or falling?
Cliffs or heaven?
It is not known, but that ...
Are unknown!

Brief Introdution

This book was written by thinking about what could be added to pensamentos longa on race distance. Thus, this fact in a way that many will like, I said many and not all just because I think nobody writes a book that is the pleasure of all people. For treat-se of a mix of lectures on feelings and fantasy stories that I think is very well balanced, clearly not possible to validate a eulogy of próprio author, so I consider this not as a compliment but an interesting and curious placement.
The marathon that is still a very difficult race has its special magic, so it is as a series of chapters on all this magic, let-it-be reader is charmed by the different and even contradictory ways of philosophy, yet it still there is no perfect solution is at least you resvalar root of the tree that is the philosophy. Let me find what are they the most significant or even antagonistic pensamentos about endurance race in the book that appears before your eyes. I would be happy that the reader knows the book that has a context abrangente, so maybe that helps in the formation of new ideas about the proposed theme, a unique inportancia in the integral formation of human being As soon as it all its capabilities, possibilities i resources.


It is strictly forbidden to copy all or part of this work without prior permission of the author. As the offender subject to the laws governing legal everything that is proprietary or documented fairly.

General Indices

Brief introducción en castellano.
Presentation. _____________________________________________Pág. 03
A = For the essays and philosophical thoughts.
B = For the descriptions.
C = For the poems.
D = For the important phrases.
E = For fantastic tales.
F = For the commemorative photos.
G = For designs emphatic.
Words from the author.
Chapter 1 The effort of the corridor.
Chapter 2 = Run, work and study. _______________________ Page 11
A = Benefits tactile.
B = Benefits refined.
Chapter 3 = The perfect training. _______________________________ Page 12
A = Training of great joy.
B = Training overcoming physical.
Chapter 4 = Nervousness previous competitions. _______ Page 14
A = level of concentration.
B = implementation technique.
C = Strategic Execution.
D = indifference towards opponents.
Chapter 5 The grief of the lesion. _______________________________ Page 16
A = lesions themselves.
B = Facts laughable, worthy of comic.
Chapter 6 = The big problem of the day to day. ________________ Page 17
Chapter 7 = dreams so desired. _____________________________Pág. 18
A = Mystery and unknown.
Chapter 8 = A race and his grace. _____________________________ Page 20
A = The landscapes.
B = Feelings ideological.
C = physical senses.
D = physiological needs.
Chapter 9 = The harmony of chaos. ______________________ Page 26
A = level of consciousness.
B = Level of training.
Chapter 10 = The science and culture. ____________________________ Page 30
A - Rambling on: Art / Culture refined / Humane / Dreams
Chapter 11 = Body and mind. ___________________________ Page 31
A = concentration levels and sense of unity between body and environment.
B = Influence of imagination for a long workout.
C = mutual psychological help.
D = Training lonely and weakness of will.
Chapter 12 = Mental Power. _____________________________________ Page 36
A = Sense of power to other people
B = Self-Confidence / Will
Chapter 13 = Amplitude of contemplation. __________________________Pág. 43
A = Landscapes break and brief account of a feeling possessive.
B = Landscape in a comprehensive context.
Chapter 14 = Sense of ownership of a site. _______________ Page 46
Chapter 15 = different places. ___________________ Page 47
Chapter 16 = Good humor. ______________________________ Page 48
The Mood = pleasant and peaceful.
B = Humor relatively daring.
C = Humor-lapse exaggeration.
D = Humor entanglement clear.
Humor E = beyond the limits of common sense.
Chapter 17 = What is the matter? _________________________ Page 54

Chapter 18 = Race and shutdown of the world. ___________________ Page 56
Chapter 19 = Training team. _____________________________ Page 58
A = Considerations memory, memory and abstraction of social ties.
B - Conversation with time. (Way to metaphysics.)
Chapter 20 = A reality subject to discussion. __________________ Page 59
Chapter 21 = Enter our digress. ___________________________ Page 63
Chapter 22 = Some obscure aspects of the race. ___________ Page 64
A = heroic bestial.
B = full heroic.
Chapter 23 = Diary of a corridor II _____________________________ Page 65
A = Procedures strategic information (Subdivided)
B = Basic Procedures (Subdivided)
Chapter 24 = Some considerations of a social nature.
Chapter 25 = The noble art of running. _____________________________ Page 72
Chapter 26 = The religiosity.
A = Feelings and religion.
B = G.
C = the interpretation of the sensory world.
D = Synthesis of human achievement.
Chapter 27 = One hour of interviews.
The first interview = / With Placido Cicero corridor.
B = second interview / With the runner John Machado.
C = third interview / With the corridor Giovane Andrade.
D = fourth Interview / With the corridor Claudio Ignaci.
I = Interview Thursday / In the hallway Elias Geraldo.
F = Interview Friday / With the runner Anthony Joseph
G = Interview seventh / With the corridor Rodrigo Ambros.
H = Interview octave / With a runner Maria Tereza Matos oak
I = Interview ninth / With the corridor Kazuo Kimura
J = Interview tenth / With the corridor Eji Jorge Sato
L = Interview eleventh / With the corridor Robed Rodrigues de Lima
M = Interview twelfth / With the runner Luis Carlos Bastos
N = Interview thirteenth / With the corridor José da Silva Nazareth
The fourteenth = Interview / With the corridor Lustosa Benedito José Neto
P = Interview fifteenth / With the runner Luis Carlos Casimiro
Q = Interview sixteenth / With the corridor Samuel Souza Martins
R = Interview seventeenth / With the corridor Denpsey Lima Filho
Chapter 28 = LXXI issues.
Chapter 29 = Insanity physics.
Chapter 30 = Competition.
A = Free Practice.
B = Practice trailers.
C = number of competitions.
Chapter 31 = Defense to the soul of man.
Chapter 32 = Report of the marathon.
Chapter 33 = Greece and the marathon.
Chapter 34 = Sprinkle of new ideas.
Chapter 35 = physiological repercussions in the race.
Chapter 36 = Freedom and the struggle for life.
Chapter 37 = The dungeon of consciousness.
Chapter 38 = The pendulum of good and evil.
Chapter 39 = Chapter of learning.
A = About the news.
Chapter 40-About the beginning of the world.
A = Thoughts about death. (And consequently on the life)

Introductory Poem

Also author of:
"We think and run"
"The dragon and the time"
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The world's books suggest
Good, bad, bad regular, productive
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